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Morning Minyan

The morning minyan is a time for davening and a place of community. Tribeca Synagogue holds the only daily minyan below the Village and west of Broadway. We meet at 7:20 A.M. Monday and Thursday and 7:30 A.M. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Services are followed by breakfast and a D’var Torah.

There are minyan “regulars” and other men and women who become regulars when they come to say Kaddish. The group is small but very diverse. We celebrate special occasions and mark Yarzheits together, and we are a close-knit group.

Morning Minyan Donation

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Times for daily prayer obligations:

Alot Hashachar 5:23a
Earliest Tallit 5:55a
Netz (Sunrise) 6:44a
Latest Shema 9:46a
Zman Tefillah 10:47a
Chatzot (Midday) 12:48p
Mincha Gedola 1:18p
Mincha Ketana 4:20p
Plag HaMincha 5:36p
Shkiah (Sunset) 6:52p
Tzeit Hakochavim 7:32p
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Tue, September 22 2020 4 Tishrei 5781