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Weekly Newsletter

January 30, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   4:56pm

Evening services   5pm



Morning services   9:30am

Kiddush sponsored by Joel and Lynsey Plasco

Shabbat ends  6pm

Evening services   6pm

79 Laight Street



Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education

Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm

Hebrew Reading for Beginners   6:30pm

Parsha/Portion of the Week   7:15pm


in the latter stages of the negotiations between Pharaoh and Moses regarding allowing the Israelites to sacrifice in the desert, Pharaoh demands to know “who and who would be going”? Moses responds everyone, young and old, but Pharaoh pulls back and says everyone can go except the children. Moses says no deal and so the next plague arrives.

One can derive a deeper issue here than just simply raw numbers. Pharaoh recognized that he had to hold the children back to avoid them becoming inculcated in the heritage that would define them for the future as other than Egyptian while Moses insisted that’s the whole point! Rituals and practice for the adults without attention given to developing the next generation is an unfortunate exercise in futility.

TriBeCa Synagogue welcomed Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Shteinhendler of Havana to our Club Latino



Congratulations to Nicholas and Volha Singer for the naming of their daughter Lea



Hear the latest from Rabbi Glass on this week’s portion.



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