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Weekly Newsletter

January 16, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   4:39pm


Evening services   4:45pm




Morning services   9:30pm


Kiddush sponsored by David Rosenberg


Evening services   5:40pm



Shabbat ends 4:45pm


Monday/Legal Holiday





Hebrew school on hiatus


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm


Beginners Hebrew Reading   6:30pm


Parsha/Portion of the Week   7:15pm


We begin the book of Exodus and parshat Shemot observing the development of Moses who was to become the most important figure in our nation’s history. Throughout that development the theme was consistent-concern for others. It begins with his not being content to live out his life comfortably in the royal palace but being drawn outside to “see his brothers”. He then can’t sit by and watch one of his brethren being beaten so he gets involved and saves him. He also can’t watch two of his brethren argue against the backdrop of the suffering of their people and attempts to mediate the dispute. Finally, according to the midrash, once he is a shepherd for his father in law, a sheep escapes the flock and he takes it upon himself to run headlong after it to bring it back. With this ultimate show of concern, even for an animal, he is visited by the Divine presence in the form of the Burning Bush which begins his mission as the leader of the nation from slavery to the promised land.


While we understand that this trait was the key to his appointment as a leader, we must recognize that it is upon us to emulate the best quality of our leaders. May we merit to achieve an elevated level of concern for our fellow human being, inspired by the greatest of our people!

Congratulations to David Rosenberg for his upcoming wedding next week to Emily Kaplan, he will be celebrating with us and many of his family and friends from abroad by sponsoring this week’s kiddush.

New feature, courtesy of Carlos Gutierrez and Aryeh Werth (of the Torah Channel):


Enjoy this week’s video of Rabbi Glass!





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