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Januray 9, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



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We come to the end of the book of Genesis with the parsha of Vayechi where at the beginning Jacob calls his son Joseph to bring his children Ephraim and Menashe to be blessed. Indeed, this becomes the template for blessing children Friday night and even on Yom Kippur. The question is asked as to the choice of these two grandchildren over any of the other numerous grandchildren who had been born and raised up to that point.


The sages respond that these children were unique in that they were the only ones up to that point that were born in raised in Egypt, i.e. the diaspora. Jacob recognized that things would be different now that his family had to leave Canaan and live in a foreign country. He looked at the successful way that these two were brought up in this environment and thus wished it to be so for future generations.


So for us, so many years in the diaspora, this blessing is even more relevant until such time as we merit the return to the holy land of our patriarchs and matriarchs!


Congratulations to Ken and Denise Rosenblum for the wedding of thier son Larry to Sara Respler this week!


Enjoy the latest from our own Dr. Freema Gottlieb in this week’s edition of the Jewish Week


Still time to join Hebrew Reading for Beginners this Tuesday at 6:30pm!



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