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Weekly Newsletter

January 2, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   4:25pm


Evening services   4:30pm




Morning services    9:30am


Eli Weiss will be reading the Torah


Shabbat ends   5:30pm


NO evening service this weekend




Hebrew School resumes!


Tuesday/10th of Tevet


Fast begins   5:52am


Morning services   7:10am


Afternoon services   12:30pm and 1:30pm


Evening services   5:15pm


Fast ends   5:24pm




Mishlei   5:45pm


Hebrew Reading   6:30pm


Parsha   7:15pm  



To paraphrase Rabbi Sacks on Parshat Vayigash, he describes the challenge of balancing closeness with distance. Too much closeness in a relationship breeds contempt while too much distance breeds insensitivity. He explains that part of the problem between the brothers was their being on top of each other leading to squabbles which escalated out of control. This in turn led to them becoming emotionally distant to the point they could no longer see him as a brother.


When the pendulum swung to the opposite extreme, and they were absent from each other for decades, they were ready, even if they didn’t realize it, to regain the proper closeness to their brother. Thus, the word Vayigash, which literally translates to “And he came close”, reveals the first time Judah makes himself “close” to another human being, attempting to empathize with another human being. The result is that both his and Joseph’s hearts melted and rapprochement ensued.


Tuesday is the Fast Day known as the 10th of Tevet commemorating numerous unfortunate events in our history such as the coerced translation of the Torah into Greek.




Brand new Beginners Hebrew this Tuesday at 6:30pm followed by Portion of the Week at 7:15pm


Young Parisian Jews from “Olami” visit the synagogue for services



There were here to attend the Siyum HaShas on Wednesday



Rabbi Glass delivers a Dvar Torah to them at breakfast

Translated into French by Tobin Kohane



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