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Weekly Newsletter

December 12, 2019
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   4:13pm

Evening services   4:20pm



Morning services   9:30am

David Smith to read the Torah

Eli Weiss to deliver the Dvar Torah

Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue

Saturday night Maariv minyan 5:15 pm

At the home of Neil Wallin 79 Laight St (West/Washington) #2D 

Shabbat ends 5:15pm



Hebrew School Party!   4pm



In Parshat Vayishlach, on the evening before Jacob has to confront Esau, he is attacked by a mysterious being with whom he wrestles until dawn. Explanations abound regarding the actual nature of this being but there is a fascinating Midrash that presents two opinions: either the being appeared like a pagan or it appeared like a Torah scholar. My rebbe from Israel suggests that we can meld the two opinions as presenting two sides of the coin of temptation.

There are scenarios when the choice between good and bad are obvious but there are others when it is not so clear. The wrong path may be dressed up to look like the right way such that true discernment and inner strength are necessary to see through the ruse. 

Two big Chanukah events:

TriBeCa Torah Children's Chanukah Party 12/15 at 4pm!

Please reserve asap here

Young Professionals Pre Chanukah Shabbat Dinner 12/20 at 6pm.

Please reserve here.

Rabbi Glass will be away this Shabbat preparing for a humanitarian mission to Havana this coming week. Together with Ken Paskar, a leader in these efforts, they will be delivering materials and energizing the community with Torah and Tefillah. A full report will be forthcoming upon his return.



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