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Weekly Newsletter

October 17, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   5:56pm


Evening services   6:10pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush by Cholent Bake Off


Shabbat ends   7pm


Sunday/Hoshana Rabah


Morning services   8:30am


Evening services   6pm

Kiddush in the Sukkah




Morning services   9:30am


Junior Congregation   10:30am


YIZKOR    9am, 11am and Noon


Kiddush co-sponsored by Ora Gelberg and Arthur Luxenberg


Farewell to the Sukkah 5:45pm


Afternoon/Evening service   6pm


Dancing and Buffet Dinner to follow




Morning services   9:30am


Limited Kiddush



In the beginning of Chapter 5 in Tractate Sukkah it states “And they said ‘Whoever did not see the rejoicing of the Beit Sho’eva (Place of Drawing) never saw rejoicing in one’s lifetime.’” The rejoicing we experienced at the beginning of Sukkot is supposed to continue throughout the holiday in numerous fashions. Whether it be in shaking the Lulav which manifests simcha, festive meals in the Sukkah or parties thrown at appropriate times during the intermediary days. We culminate this rejoicing with the rapturous singing and dancing at Simchat Torah celebrating the completion of the 5 Books of Moses this coming Monday night on the holiday of Shemini Atzeret which is the day that God especially rejoices with His people.


It was very gratifying to see two full Sukkahs for the first two nights of Sukkot and then having big minyans throughout the week buying lunches and a great group braving the rain for Adult Education/Sushi in the Sukkah. But there is so much more to go with our Shabbat Cholent Bake Off and then Community Simchat Torah and we implore all of you available to keep the energy going by attending these fun events. Simchat Torah will be enhanced by 4 YU students from Torah Tours who will lead services, present Divrei Torah and run a Junior Congregation, something for everyone!


Contestants for the Bake Off: Fraya Berg, Rami Mishani, Jeff Dagowitz, Robert Blakeley and the “D/S Group” (Deborah and Samantha)


For a link to the online Cholent book by Robert Blakeley click here



Sukkot - A Tutorial


Sushi in the Sukkah


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