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Weekly Newsletter

September 26, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   6:27pm

Evening services   6:30pm




Morning services   9:30pm

Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue

Shabbat ends   7:30pm




Evening service 6:30pm

Open house sponsored by Avi and Toby Turkel




Morning services   9am

Community service  10am

Children’s program   10am

Shofar   11:15am

Kiddush sponsored by Abe Dweck and Robert Levine

Tashlich   3pm

Behind Stuyvesant HS

Evening services   6pm




Morning services   9am

Shofar   11:15am

Kiddush sponsored by Avraham and Rosalie Weiss


Wednesday/Fast of Gedaliah


Fast begins   5:41am

Selichot   7am

Afternoon service   1:30pm

Fast ends   7:10pm



Parshat Nitzavim always falls out either right before Rosh HaShana or Yom Kippur, as such the sages look for a connection. They find it with the choice of words for “standing” which is normally conveyed with the word “omdim” but here it’s “nitzavim”. The late chief rabbi of the State of Israel, Rav Untermann, points out that this term tends to be used when describing a transformation. The best example of this is at Mount Sinai where it says “vayityatzvu” – they stood at the bottom of the mountain. Clearly the Israelites were being transformed from an ethnic entity into a spiritual entity. And in the case of our portion, the Israelites were being transformed from a nomadic people into a sovereign nation.


And so the connection to this special time of year: beyond recognizing Rosh HaShana as judgment day we should be prepared to be transformed. Something different should happen for us this year taking us to the next level. We have just a few days left to prepare, good luck!


Wednesday is Tzom Gedalia, commemorating the assassination of Gedalia ben Achikam, the regent appointed by Nebuchadnezzar in the direct aftermath of the destruction of the 1st temple.


Please help the office and request your seats for the high holidays and RSVP for the Sunday Night Open House ASAP!



High Holidays Registration can be done here


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