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Weekly Newsletter

September 12, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   6:50pm


Evening services   6:30pm


Young Professionals   8pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush sponsored by Jim Stark in memory of his brother Bradley




Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm


Beginners Hebrew Reading   6:30pm


High Holiday Prep   7:15pm



This week the portion is Ki Tetze introducing the prohibition of taking interest on a loan. It is known by multiple names, like Ribit, but the Torah calls it Neshech which literally means “bite” for fairly obvious reasons. In modern society it is impossible to imagine a financial system without it and indeed the sages created a mechanism to get around it called “Heter Iska”. It essentially states that you are making an “investment” and thus “sharing” in assumed future profits as the standard purpose of loans tended to be for business.


In the eyes of the Torah, however, it’s particularly odious because it demonstrates a lack of faith. You are requesting a guarantee up front for these “profits” and not willing to rely on God’s guidance of your affairs.


Congratulations to the Zanger family for the Bar Mitzvah of their son Zach this weekend at TriBeCa Synagogue!


Congratulations to Alex Leybov and Viktoria Terentiev for their wedding this past Sunday!


TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School off to a roaring start!



Shofar factory



Young Professionals tomorrow night

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