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Weekly Newsletter

September 5, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   7:02pm


Evening services   6:30pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue


Shabbat ends  8:05pm




Hebrew School Open House


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm


Hebrew Reading   6:30pm


High Holiday Prep   7:15pm



Parshat Shoftim introduces the concept of a king that was to be appointed eventually, after the land was settled. We know historically that this didn’t happen for the first few hundred years, and only when the people demanded it from the prophet Samuel. Apparently things were fine without one for quite some time. He was to carry a Torah scroll with him at all times to ground him and prevent his heart from becoming exalted over his people. Yet we know there were very strict conditions of regal honor that were to be observed, even potentially on pain of death. Indeed, Saul lost his monarchy because he didn’t guard the honor of his position.


Comes the midrash and qualifies: he shall not be exalted over his brethren - except in holy matters (v’lo mishel hekdesh), meaning to say that regarding physical possessions the king had to be humble and not make a spectacle of himself. On the other hand he had to recognize that he was God’s personal representative on earth and had to conduct those kind of affairs accordingly.


And we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize that while we are talking about a king, the message radiates to all of us in our struggle to balance our humility with our dignity!


TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates our longtime members and trustee, Miriam and Paul Goodman, for the wedding of their daughter Glory to Simon Linley in California this past Sunday.

May they merit to build a faithful household in Israel.


TriBeCa comes to life with the end of summer!


The bar mitzvah of Lucas Schaeffer




Adult Education Tuesday Night



Hebrew reading



Community comes out in force to prepare for the high holidays!


Celebrating the impromptu Aufruf of Alex Leybov.



Best wishes for his upcoming wedding to Viktoria Terentiev!




TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School Open House this Monday at 3:45pm!

Shofar factory and more, bring friends.


Young Professionals Friday night dinner September 13th at 7:30pm




Adult Education Tuesday nights

Beginners Hebrew Reading

High Holiday Prep



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