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Weekly Newsletter

July 12, 2019
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   8:09pm

Evening services   6:30pm



Morning services    9:30am

Dovid Smith will be reading the Torah

Kiddush sponsored by Erik and Ludovica Lumer celebrating Eric's birthday

Shabbat ends   9:15pm


Towards the end of our portion, Chukat, there is the lesser known story of people who were complaining and then got bitten by snakes. Moshe told them to create a copper snake and display it on top of a pole. They were instructed to look at it and then they would be healed.

The Talmud asks how are we to imagine that this snake had the power of healing? It answers that the idea was, that while the person was looking up at the snake the person would be looking  beyond to God for help.

The commentators ask if you are anyway looking  beyond to God what was the role of the snake?

One approach has it that the Torah is laying down the paradigm for the practice of medicine going forward. Namely, that the practice of medicine has its place in human affairs but beyond all that one must realize that God is the ultimate source of healing.

TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates Danny Silberman and Nicole Camet for their wedding this Sunday in Rome to be officiated by Rabbi Glass. 

May they merit to build a faithful house in Israel! 

This Shabbat our President Eli Weiss will be conducting services and delivering the Dvar Torah.


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