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Weekly Newsletter

May 2, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   7:36pm


Evening services   6:30pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue


Shabbat ends   8:40pm




Hebrew School 


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:30pm


Siddur   6:15pm


Beyond the momentous themes of the just concluded holiday of Passover is its launch to the next period of the Jewish calendar called Sefirat HaOmer (counting of the Omer). This period is often associated with sadness and mourning due to the tragic events of the Mishnaic period and then later on in eastern Europe, but the reality is that its main basis is inspiring ideas from the Torah. 

Practically, it follows the barley harvest that culminates with the Shtei HaLechem (double loaf) on the holiday of Shavuot. Spiritually it represents the period of preparation of the Israelites to receive the Torah in the direct aftermath of their exodus from Egypt. It is a preparation that we are to emulate each year at this time, and in a modern context, we are to develop a feeling of anticipation similar to that first generation. 
It's one thing to enjoy the gift of freedom but imagine that we have been given the complete set of guidelines to take maximal advantage of that freedom. Time to get excited!
This weekend we resume reading the portion of the week which is Acharei Mot and today is the 12th day of the Omer.
Benefit Committee hard at work
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Chava Chalom is sponsoring the security detail for the month of Nisan in memory and in honor of her parents, Aharona Bat Mordecai V’ Kochava Tziona whose yahrtzeit is 24 Nissan and Mayer Ben Esther V’ Eliyahu Halevi whose birthday is 21 Nisan and the remarkable lives they lived in their travels and raising a family on 3 continents imbued with the values of Torah and Tzedaka. And also in the hope that others will follow her lead in sponsoring our security in future months!


We are excited to welcome Launch Math + Science Centers camps to Tribeca Synagogue this summer!  From engineering to electronics, kids learn all about STEM topics through an exciting summer program.  Plus, Tribeca Synagogue members can receive an additional $50 off by using the discount code TRS2019 during checkout!  Click here more information about Launch camps.


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