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Weekly Newsletter

April 18, 2019
Weekly Newsletter



Morning services   7:30am


Siyum   8am


Delivered by David Rosenbaum

Breakfast cosponsored by him and Ken Rosenblum


Eat Chametz by   10:40am


Eliminate Chametz by   11:48am


Candle lighting   7:21pm


Evening services   6:30am




Morning services   9:30am


Limited Kiddush


Evening services   7pm


Second Seder   8pm




Morning services   9:30am

(Please help make the minyan!)


Yom Tov ends   8:25pm


Intermediate Days Mon – Thu


Morning services   7:10am


Hebrew School and Adult Education on hiatus


Generally accepted statistics indicate that of all the Jewish calendar, Passover is the most attended occasion of the year, even beating out Yom Kippur slightly. But both occasions attest to something profound about the Jewish nation even in this post modern age. The fact that so many Jews of all backgrounds subject themselves to the holy rigors of the Day of Atonement is an astounding phenomenon. But even more importantly, a wide swath of the children of Israel take the time and make the effort to experience annually a ceremony renewing our nationhood. This attests to the innate sense that we all have of our eternal nationhood-Am Yisrael Chai!


A range of emotions




Tuesday night memorial for Marilyn Sontag



TriBeCa Torah Model Seder


A Charcoal portrait by Toby Turkel is currently being exhibited in the Manhattan Borough President’s office, 1 Center Street, 19th floor.  The show, “Better With Age” is open to the public until April 30.


Reserve for Communal Second Seder ASAP here


Chava Shalom is sponsoring the security detail at Tribeca synagogue every Shabbat during the month of Nissan in loving memory of her mother Aharona bat Tziona Kachava whose yahrtzeit is the 24th of Nissan. Aharona’s life took her from the persecution in Egypt and through 3 continents, all while raising a family and maintaining a deep devotion to her heritage. Her life has meaning that is particularly powerful at this time of Passover freedom.

 Future sponsorship for security detail at Tribeca Synagogue is always available!


We are excited to welcome Launch Math + Science Centers camps to Tribeca Synagogue this summer!  From engineering to electronics, kids learn all about STEM topics through an exciting summer program.  Plus, Tribeca Synagogue members can receive an additional $50 off by using the discount code TRS2019 during checkout!  Click here more information about Launch camps.


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