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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter
Candle lighting   6:55pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Kiddush sponsored by Nathalie Rubens and Saul Goodman in honor of their son Ezra’s Bar Mitzvah that was held in Israel this past August. TriiBeCa Synagogue extends to them a tremendous Mazel Tov!
Rosh HaShana
Please contact the office IMMEDIATELY if you haven’t arranged seats for the holiday!
Evening services   7pm
Open House/Light Dinner   7:45pm
Sponsored by the Turkel family for the yahrtzeit of Gary Turkel
For the rest of the High Holiday information please consult
Wednesday/Fast of Gedalia
Fast Begins   5:25am
Selichot 7am followed by weekday morning services
Afternoon services   1:30pm
Fast concludes   7:45pm
Please reserve ASAP for dinner Friday night September 18!
Dinner 7:30pm / Lecture by Dr. Lawrence H. Friedman 8:30pm

From the exhibit called "Chapter Paintings" by Archie Rand in our gallery!

The tiniest portion of the Torah begins with the phrase “You are standing here today (Nitzavim)”. The midrash explains that in the aftermath of last week’s overwhelming list of curses, the collective face of the Jewish nation turned pale. God reassured them with this phrase as if to say “you may have angered God plenty already but you still survive to this day.”
On the 14th anniversary of the most devastating event in the history of our city, we can only marvel at its resiliency to the point that there remains almost no trace of the attack of September 11, 2001. Unfortunately that is also our challenge: to always remember the suffering and the struggle of that difficult time even though the pieces have longed been picked up, at least physically. Connected with
the eve of the Jewish new year we are certainly mindful that our fate is in the balance and the stakes can be very high.
Rabbi Jonathan Glass

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