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Weekly Newsletter

August 26, 2015
Weekly Newsletter
Candle lighting   7:18pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Limited Kiddush
Shabbat ends   8:20pm
Tuesday/Adult Education
Proverbs/Mishlei   6pm
Coming Attractions:
Rabbi Glass is arranging a beginners Hebrew Reading Class starting Tuesday September 8th at 6:45pm!
Anyone interested in joining please contact him at your nearest convenience.
TriBeCa Torah is sponsoring a children’s high holiday prep activity for Wednesday September 9th at 4pm!
Open to all ages, to be followed by a barbecue at 5pm.

Nestled in the potpourri of topics in this week’s portion is the curious prohibition known as Shaatnez. This is the prohibition of sowing linen and wool together in one garment which is applicable even in our modern era. Indeed, in the last generation, there has been a proliferation of people and places that are dedicated to the testing of garments, although with the reduction of natural materials in manufacturing clothes, the problem of shaatnez is subsiding a bit.
How do we understand such an arbitrary injunction? On one level we are told that this is one of the “chukim” or laws that are given without any logic to them. On another we have the midrash that elaborated on the problem between Cain and Abel who brought sacrifices to God, but Cain’s was not accepted while Abel’s was. We know that the jealousy this engendered spurred the first act of violence recorded in the Torah. The midrash points out that Cain, who was the farmer, brought flax rather than the finer produce while Abel, the shepherd, brought the best of the fleeces that he had. As such we are forbidden to mix the product of Cain’s sacrifice with the product of Abel’s sacrifice.
Rabbi Jonathan Glass
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