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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter
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One of the prohibitions connected to idol worship is the mourning ritual of cutting. We are advised that our bodies are too precious to mar, even at the time of great personal loss.
A deeper approach has it that while the pagan mind assumed physical death meant the end and their grief was immeasurable, our emotions have to be measured by the knowledge that the departed will now have eternal life. There are, of course, other faiths that go to the opposite extreme and have parties for such events due to this premise, but Judaism takes the balanced strategy between these other two.
We know that in modern times there is the psychological dysfunction of cutting which can possibly be better understood with this background. Clearly this behavior has a primal source to it and indicates that the victim has no other way to express their extreme emotions. In the case of Judaism, there is a slew of rituals and prayers designed to channel these feelings in a constructive way. There has to be a similar strategy when addressing the deep problems of someone so afflicted they have the urge to damage their bodies.
Rabbi Jonathan Glass

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