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Weekly Newsletter

August 5, 2015
Weekly Newsletter
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This week the Torah makes a clear distinction between the land of Egypt from whence the Israelites came and the land of Canaan to which they were traveling: For this land to which you come to possess is not like the land Egypt where you would plant and then water…But the land to which you cross over will drink water from the rain of the heaven. This is a reference to the agriculture of Egypt which was based on the over flow of the Nile as opposed to the land of Israel which depends entirely on rain.
This is more than a lesson in comparative horticulture, however, this is a profound message that God was sending to his newly chosen people.
The Nile will ebb and flow as a matter of nature regardless of that society but whether the rain falls in the holy land will be directly connected to your relationship with God. You will need to be in touch with your creator and your conduct will constantly have to justify the proper elements for a good harvest. This may seem at first glance an unfair obligation but what it really means is that God desires us to be close to Him and as such created the mechanism to insure that closeness.
Unfortunately we no longer enjoy that situation until our diaspora concludes, but that doesn’t mean that this divine desire remains even in exile and we should still live our lives accordingly.
Rabbi Jonathan Glass
In Our Family
TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the birth of a baby girl to our long time members Quin Murphy and Sarah Lieber, Annabelle Kate. She will receive her Hebrew name at TriBeCa Synagogue at tomorrow’s morning services beginning at 7:20am.
We bid what is hopefully a temporary adieu to Mark Bloom who has had to relocate from TriBeCa. His absence is already being felt and we look forward to his return to the area.
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