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Tisha B’Av at TriBeCa Synagogue

The 9th of Av is an intense day of mourning due to, in part, the fact that the temples were destroyed on that day. It is a day of fasting and deprivation for a full 24 hours but as the date falls this year on Shabbat, it is observed the following day.

The plan at TriBeCa Synagogue is to encourage everyone to prepare for the fast at home this Saturday afternoon with a traditional Shabbat lunch and then to return to the synagogue at 7pm for the afternoon service. As such, the Kiddush after morning services that day will be limited in order to leave time for the community to accomplish their preparations.

One doesn’t have the normal pre Tisha B’Av repast as that would be disrespectful to the Sabbath so there will be a seudah shlishit like every Saturday evening at 7:30pm following the afternoon service. The fast begins officially at 8:15pm and at that point the Rabbi will offer a study session appropriate for the occasion in the sanctuary until the evening service at 9pm. Eicha, or the Book of Lamentations, will be read at 9:15pm

May we merit the final redemption speedily in our days!

Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780