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Weekly Newsletter

July 9, 2015
Weekly Newsletter
Evening services   6:50pm
Candle lighting   8:11pm
Morning services   9am
Special presentation by Harvey Herbert who is also sponsoring the kiddush!
Harvey has dedicated his life to Jewish antiquities and is a partner in the Living Torah museum.
Shabbat ends   9:15pm
Tuesday/Adult Education

Proverbs/Mishlei  6pm

In Parshat Pinchas we have the order of sacrifices throughout the holiday calendar. However the presentation begins with the daily sacrifice offered first in the morning and last in the afternoon called the Tamid.
We are told that there is a very profound meaning in this sacrifice that was brought unfailingly for 1500 years. The message here is the importance of constancy and reliability when it comes to worship.
While for many of us just getting our feet wet in the great sea of the Torah, any inspirational experience, whenever it comes, is wonderful. On the other hand, for those of us "veterans", there has to be a goal to emulate the ritual of the Tamid. If you're the person who recognizes the importance of Shabbat attendance, then that attendance should be a constant. If you're someone who can make it a weekday minyan once a week then that attendance should be a definite. If you're someone who understands the importance of Torah study then the time and place of that study should be a reliable one.

Because this message is such a profound one we now understand why a whole fast was decreed commemorating the day that the Tamid finally ceased for good. In this time of mourning for the Jewish nation may we aspire to the goal of the Tamid and in that merit may we see it reestablished in our days!

Rabbi Jonathan Glass
In Our Family
We are proud to announce that Marilyn Sontag will be one of the featured artists at the Carter-Burden Gallery Show called 12 X 12. The opening is tonight from 6-8pm and the gallery is located at 548 W 28th Street #534.
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