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Weekly Newsletter

July 1, 2015
Weekly Newsletter


Weekday morning services suspended for the holiday

Candle lighting   8:13pm

Shabbat evening services lead by Jesse Shore at 6:50pm 


Morning services lead by Jesse Shore  9am

 Kiddush provided by TriBeCa Synagogue

 Shabbat ends   9:15pm

Sunday/17th Day of Tammuz

Fast begins   4:18am

Fast Concludes   9:11pm

Tuesday/Adult Education

One week hiatus

Summer office hours 9am – 2pm Monday through Friday

This week we have the story of Balak hiring Balaam to curse the Israelites and while it features a number of supernatural phenomena, the message it wishes to convey has very powerful application for our generation of science and technology. The portion wishes to convey that even though a person can be confronted by the truth in the most graphic and obvious way, it is human nature to be able to close one’s eye and behave the way one wants no matter the consequences. Balaam is spoken to by God, a donkey and an angel waving a sword and while he flinches, he still presses ahead with his perfidious intentions. 

In a modern context, how many times do we find ourselves in a situation when we have all the evidence we need to be sure that one course of action is the right way but because of lower forces within us we choose a different path. Granted that in this information age we often are bombarded with all kinds of contradictory “facts and figures” but we have to strengthen ourselves spiritually to have the ability to discern right from wrong.

Rabbi Jonathan Glass
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