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Weekly Newsletter

June 17, 2015
Weekly Newsletter

Thursday/Rosh Chodesh
Morning services   7:10am
Candle lighting   8:12pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Young Professionals Dinner!   7:30pm
Please register asap
Morning services   9am
Kiddush sponsored by Dan Magnas for the first yahrtzeit of his father
Shabbat ends   9:15pm
Tuesday/Adult Education will meet 6/30
Big Kosher News!
Announcing the opening of the new Kosher restaurant “Mocha Burger” on 496 Laguardia Place:  

This week features yet another unfortunate chapter in our sojourn in the desert, which is the rebellion of Korach. This individual challenged both the authority of Moses, and the legitimacy of Aaron, as High Priest. The midrash notes that this saga comes immediately on the heels of the discussion of the mitzvah of tzitzit and specifically the requirement to dye those fringes with one strand being tcheilet (indigo). It presents one scenario of that rebellion in the form of Korach presenting a talit whose fringes were all blue and asked if such a talit was kosher. Moses replied that it wasn’t and Korach and his band immediately laughed, insisting that this was proof that Moses had made up the entire Torah. If a talit with one strand of blue was kosher, why not one that was completely blue?!
The deeper issue behind this exchange was one of balance. According to the Torah, the need for one blue strand was to have something representing the heavens embedded in one’s garment but that the rest of the garment, like the rest of one’s life, needed to have a multi pronged focus. Korach was grandstanding by insisting one could have a life, represented by this garment, totally engrossed in heavenly focus. Ethics of the Fathers states: Al Tiyeh Tzadik Harbeh which literally means “Don’t be such a Tzadik” which on its face seems wrongheaded but what it really refers to is this message of the balance of focus. This message demonstrated by the contrast between, and the proper proportion of, blue and white – heaven AND earth!

Rabbi Jonathan Glass

In Our Family
We congratulate Elizabeth Kierstead and Jonathan Rodan for their gala wedding this past Sunday. They celebrated their aufruf at the synagogue this past Saturday and Sheva Brachot this morning at breakfast. We wish them a long life together of Torah and good deeds!
We regret to inform you of the passing of the father of Sharon Nazarzadeh, Hagh Nazar Nazarzadeh, yesterday in Los Angeles, where the burial and shiva are taking place. We wish her and her family consolation at this difficult time.
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