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Weekly Newsletter

June 4, 2015
Weekly Newsletter

Candle lighting   8:05pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Kiddush sponsored by Ora Gelberg in memory of her husband, Myron
Closing party and open house for TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School!
All present and prospective students and their families are invited to a BBQ at 4pm
Tuesday/Spring Benefit
“Tacos and Tequila” at City Hall Restaurant   7pm
Please register immediately and support the synagogue!!
Annual Membership Meeting   5:30pm
Coming Attractions for the weekend of June 19/20:
Friday evening Young Professionals Dinner at 7:30pm
Saturday morning Jesse Shore and Junior Congregation at 10:30am

This week’s portion introduces the ritual of the trumpets which were called in Hebrew, Chatzrotrot. These instruments were sounded as a means of instructing the people to either gather or break camp. A little known fact is that during the time of the temple, on Rosh HaShana, these trumpets were actually sounded simultaneously with the Shofar, even while performing the mitzvah. The only requirement was that the trumpeter had to break off a little bit before the shofar, so that the people could hear the shofar alone for at least a short time.
Rabbi S. R. Hirsch explores the etymology of this Hebrew term for trumpet and suggests the source could be word Chatzer, which means courtyard. A chatzer, or courtyard, is often where the different households surrounding that area join together for common usage. Indeed, in such a situation the sages required the residents to make what is called an Eruv Chatzeirot (mixing of the chatzer) involving the designating of some food to represent the fact that all the households are now one unit, in order to carry in that courtyard.

Rabbi Jonathan Glass

In this spirit TriBeCa Synagogue is inspired to announce another feature in our community called the Chesed Committee*, a form of “In Our Family”, which will be dedicated to keeping us all posted on the latest happenings in the lives of our affiliates and serve as a means of emotional support and growth of our community.

Specifically we wish Menachem Kastner a speedy recovery from the hip procedure he underwent and note that his absence leaves a large void in our Shabbat, which we hope will be very temporary. We also express our deep concern and sympathy to Sharon Nazarzadeh for the grave illness of her father. Additionally we note that a siyyum will be held in memory and honor of Belda Lindenbaum, mother of our past president Victoria Feder, on Sunday, June 14th, 8:00 pm at Congregation Shearith Israel, (Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue) 8 West 70th Street, Main Sanctuary.
In the realm of smachot we congratulate Sylvain and Amy Cappell for the upcoming wedding of their son Jacob, to Audrey Simons, this Sunday afternoon. They celebrated their lovely aufruf at the synagogue this past Shabbat with a gala kiddush sponsored by Sylvain and Amy Cappell. Congratulations also to Isaac Fuhrman and Ana Celis for the birth of their nephew, to Isaac’s sister, and the bris will be held at the synagogue this Friday morning. Finally, we all are excited for the upcoming wedding of Jonathan Rodan to Elizabeth Kierstead next week, and their aufruf which will be celebrated at the synagogue next Shabbat as well.

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