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Weekly Newsletter

May 28, 2015
Weekly Newsletter

Candle lighting   8pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Kiddush sponsored by Amy and Sylvain Cappell for the aufruf of their son Jacob!
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Young Professionals “Not Your Mother’s Shabbos Dinner”
Join us for our next get together Friday evening June 19th at 7:30pm!


This week’s portion, always read right after Shavuot, is the longest single portion of the year. But a big part of that length is due to the enormous amount of repetition that is included in the reading. Specifically, the gifts that each tribe brought upon the dedication of the tabernacle were identical and repeated 12 times for each of the tribes. What could be the message with this completely uncharacteristic run on?
One approach has it that although visually the gifts were identical they still bore the unique spirit of each tribe. And this is a theme that reverberates throughout practical Judaism. We can all be expected to fulfill the exact same mitzvot, and all at the same time, yet there is still room for a certain amount of individuality that makes these rituals uniquely ours.

Rabbi Jonathan Glass
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