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Weekly Newsletter

May 20, 2015
Weekly Newsletter

Candle lighting   7:54pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Full Carlbach Kabalat Shabbat of singing and dancing for men and women!
Morning services   9am
Junior Congregation   10:30am
Children 8-14
Siyyum on the Book of Joel at the end of the service followed by an Introduction to the Book of Proverbs
VERY light Kiddush (Go home and rest for the evening!)
Play on the Plaza   5:30
Children’s Program for ages 3-7
Singing, dancing, story and activity
Afternoon service   6:30pm
Seudah Shlishit   6:45pm
First Torah Presentation   7:45pm
Evening service/Candle lighting 8:30pm
Interactive Torah Study   8:45pm
Light Yom Tov Dinner   9:30pm
Third Torah Presentation 9:45pm
Study with the Rabbi   10:30pm
Morning Service/10 Commandments   9am
Dvar Torah delivered by Torah Tours
Kiddush prepared by David Koral
Post Kiddush Talk by Torah Tours
Evening services   8pm
Monday/Memorial Day
Morning services   9am
Yizkor   10:30am (approximately)
Kiddush prepared by Victor Dabah
We are grateful to the following sponsors of our Shavuot weekend:
Harvey Herbert, Steve Goldschein, and Susan and Rob Blakeley (in honor of the upcoming wedding of Liz Kierstead and Jonathan Rodan)
But Don’t Forget about our Benefit!!!
Please register immediately for “Tacos and Tequila”, June 9th at City Hall Restaurant, at

Our tradition has it that the last portion read before the holiday of Shavuot is Bamidbar, which literally means “in the desert”. While we certainly can appreciate the connection of the desert to the holiday, as the 10 Commandments were given in the Sinai Desert, there is a midrashic comment that helps us understand the connection in a deeper sense. “Only the person who makes oneself into a desert is capable of mastering the Torah.” In yeshiva, our instructors used to tell us that this means one has to clear away all preconceived notions in order to properly absorb the great concepts of the Torah.
This year’s calendar gives us a special opportunity to achieve this goal at least on some level as the holiday begins right after Shabbat. While some might bemoan yet another 3 day holiday, the fact is that we have the whole Shabbat firstly to rest, and secondly to clear ourselves of the confusion and stress of our work week and greet this momentous occasion with the perfect mindset to maximize our experience.
Towards that end we announce again that TriBeCa Synagogue presents the young people of Torah Tours who will run programming and services for all ages beginning Saturday at 5:30pm for young children and continuing until late at night. Please consult the full schedule of events planned for the weekend by clicking and make your plans accordingly!

Rabbi Jonathan Glass
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