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Tribeca Synagogue Annual Benefit

April 29, 2015
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Weekly Newsletter
Candle lighting   7:33pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Saturday-Basketball/Youth Shabbat
(All teens encouraged to join us at 11am!)
Morning services   9am
Matt Abelson delivers the Dvar Torah
Isaac’s Lions honored at the conclusion of services and special thanks expressed to Neil Wallin and Eve Goldberg for sponsoring the team in memory of their son Isaac Volkmar.
Kiddush sponsored jointly by the team families and others
Shabbat ends   8:35pm
Basketball scrimmage for men and teens   6-8pm
201 Warren Street
Hebrew School
Tuesday/Adult Education
Conclusion of Joel   6pm
Siyyum planning
Siddur/Jewish Prayer   6:45pm
Special things coming to TriBeCa Synagogue:
Friday May 8th will be our next Young Professionals Dinner at 7:30pm, reserve now!
Memorial Day Weekend is Shavuot this year and we are thrilled to announce that Torah Tours will participate!
Tuesday June 9th is our annual benefit called “Brick by Brick” and will be held at City Hall Restaurant. Please by your tickets immediately!

Reservations can be made at 

The book of Leviticus (Vayikra) is nicknamed Sefer Hakedusha, meaning the book of holiness. While the subject matters up to this week have been obvious in their connection to holiness, due to their focus on the tabernacle and the sacrifices, the connection that some of this week’s topics have to holiness seems a lot less clear.
But the message IS clear, holiness can be involved in any area of human activity and is emphasized by the Torah placing the mitzvoth of leaving parts of one’s harvest to the poor right after the exhortation to be holy – Kedoshim Tiyu! If one could boil down holiness to one word it would be restraint, and that is the key element to these commandments of Leket, Shicha and Peah. Imagine all the hard work that goes into creating a successful harvest and even in the act of finally harvesting one’s produce one is forbidden from collecting everything. That takes some serious will power!
It is this same strength that must be a factor in all our dealings with our fellow human being, which God insists we all have within ourselves, and will serve for our eternal inner harmony.
Rabbi Jonathan Glass

TriBeCa Synagogue is pleased to welcome two guests who will address the congregation throughout Shabbat morning:
Matt Abelson is a graduate of Harvard College and is about to be ordained a Rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary. At our synagogue he has served as coach for our Isaac’s Lions High School Basketball team who we will honor at the end of morning services. He will deliver the Dvar Torah before Musaf.
Bill Gross is a senior salesman of life and health insurance at Gross & Co. Family Insurance Brokerage, as well as a member of the board of directors of the Jewish Braille Institute of America. This week’s Torah reading includes the verse ”before the blind you shall not place a stumbling block” and as such a great opportunity to learn about the challenges of practical Judaism for the blind. Bill’s life is an inspiring story of someone who is close to our community and has met those challenges successfully. He will address the congregation at Kiddush and lead a discussion following his presentation.

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Dear [first_name]

We are delighted to announce that the annual Benefit Dinner will be held on Tuesday June 9, 2015 at the Granite Room at City Hall Restaurant.  We will be celebrating the beginning of summer Mexican style with a menu of tacos and tequila!!

This year our benefit theme is Brick by Brick.  The Synagogue is physically rebuilding (the social hall and the HVAC ) and spiritually renewing itself in its drive to attract new members and families.  The Synagogue is expanding its programing for young professionals, chesed and children on shabbat.  The annual benefit raises critical funds required to keep the Synagogue operating while forging deeper relationships amongst our present and future members.  We hope you will join us in support of our fundraising efforts.

We would like to thank Henry Meer for his incredible generosity in donating the Granite Room for this event while the HVAC system is being repaired.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have any questions regarding the dinner.  We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday June 9th.

Your truly,

Benefit Dinner Chairs

Eitan Goldman,

Sharon Nazarzadeh,

Wendy Gardner,

Toby Turkel,

Please click on the image below to register and pay for the benefit.

Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780