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Weekly Newsletter

February 14, 2018
Weekly Newsletter





Candle lighting   5:13pm


Evening services   5:20pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue


Evening service   6:10pm

73 Warren Street


Shabbat ends   6:20pm


Monday/Legal Holiday


Morning services   8:30am


(No Mincha or Maariv)


Office closed


Hebrew School on hiatus




Weekday evening services   5:35pm


Mishlei/Proverbs    5:45pm



As we complete the instructions regarding the tabernacle and its operation we have the Abarbanel to help put it all in perspective.


He is concerned that a person shouldn’t look at the altar as a response to one’s evil inclination. Namely, that since it’s a person’s nature to sin we have to have a way to achieve atonement. On the contrary, it would be fine if the person never sinned and thus never had to bring a sin offering. Rather, it is supposed to be a vehicle for a person to acknowledge the kindness that one receives in this world on a twice daily basis as represented by the Tamid offerings of the morning and afternoon.


The morning Tamid represents our appreciation for the giving of the Torah which happened at dawn and the afternoon Tamid represents our appreciation for our redemption from Egypt like the Passover sacrifice which was offered in the afternoon. Indeed, whether it was Cain and Abel or our patriarchs, thanksgiving was the driving force behind their erecting altars and offering sacrifices.


Wouldn’t be nice if we were thusly motivated when we offer our prayers wherever and whenever we offer them!


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