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Weekly Newsletter

February 7, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   5:04pm


Evening services   5:15pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue


Evening services   6pm

At 73 Warren Street


Shabbat ends  6:10pm




Hebrew School




Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm




We begin many weeks of discussion of one topic, and that is the mishkan (tabernacle) and all its accoutrements, which eventually became the Beit HaMikdash (holy temple) in Jerusalem. One of the ways it is helpful to understand its significance is to view it as where the power of Mount Sinai was bundled into, and thus carried with the people throughout their time in the desert and then in the land of Israel.


We unfortunately are living long into the post temple era but we are instructed by the Talmud to look at our synagogues as a Mikdash M’at (mini-temple). Of course this concept is largely symbolic but clearly it is meant that some trace of that power remains within these walls, available for anyone to access. Let’s think about that the next we find it hard to get up to go to shul!


Our Purim celebration will be Wednesday night March 20th. Once again our wonderful Wendy Friedland will produce a musical extravaganza this year, called “Oy Vey Ismia” (Mama Mia). Tryouts for the performance will be this Monday at 5pm.


We are excited to welcome Launch Math + Science Centers camps to Tribeca Synagogue this summer!  From engineering to electronics, kids learn all about STEM topics through an exciting summer program.  Plus, Tribeca Synagogue members can receive an additional $50 off by using the discount code TRS2019 during checkout!  Click here more information about Launch camps.


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