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Weekly Newsletter

January 31, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting    4:56pm


Evening services   5pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush sponsored by Richard and Audrey Fraenkel


Mincha    4:45pm


Evening service   6pm


Shabbat ends 6:05pm




Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm




Rosh Chodesh Adar 1


Morning services   7:10am




Although the portion is entitled “Mishpatim”, and mishpatim (judgments) refers to those commandments most in line with human logic, they are still part of God’s holy prescription for the Jewish nation.


A couple of examples is when we compare the ganav (thief) to the gazlan (armed robber), where by rights the former should be treated more leniently than the latter. But in fact the ganav pays a fine and the gazlan does not, why? Because, we are told, the ganav fears humanity more than God while the gazlan is equally contemptuous. Additionally, when one steals a cow its double but for a sheep it’s 4 or 5 times, again why? The Talmud explains that because the thief has to humiliate himself by carrying the sheep in public that counts for some of the punishment.


All told, we see that beyond basic justice, the practice of Torah jurisprudence includes moral messaging as well.


We are celebrating the Sheva Brachot of Lance Fraenkel and Mackenzie Harris and the kiddush is sponsored by Richard and Audrey Fraenkel


Please note that Shabbat Mincha will be held late Saturday afternoon instead of right after kiddush.


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