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Weekly Newsletter

January 10, 2018
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   4:30pm

Evening services   4:40pm



Morning services  9:30am

Eli Storch will read the Torah

Kiddush sponsored by Joel and Lynsey Plasco

Shabbat ends   5:35pm



Hebrew School

Tuesday/Adult Education

Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm




There is a rabbinic play on words for the phrase "Ushmartem et hamatzot" and you shall guard the matzot as "ushmartem et haMITZVOT" and you shall guard the commandments. Namely, just like you have to make sure the dough for the matzah doesn't sit around and become chametz, so too you should not let the opportunity to perform a mitzvah sit around and thus "spoil". One of the ways we were to separate ourselves spiritually from the host culture was in rejecting the laziness of Egypt which was called Chamor, or donkey. Indeed, one of the images of the messianic era is the humble one riding on a donkey, symbolizing that generation being the one that finally conquered this issue.

In terms of the Mussar movement, this represents the characteristic of Zerizut, or alacrity, which is supposed to escort all our efforts in performing the Torah. And while it is sooo tough to get up on a Saturday morning after a whole week of work, nevertheless, in deference to the message of this week's portion, can we consider doing a little better getting to services this Shabbat?

We are excited to announce a one date performance of Paul Goodman’s 1999 rock musical Bright Lights, Big City! Show times at Feinstein's/54 Below are 7 PM and 9:30 PM. More about it here.

This week's kiddush in honor of our Bar Mitzvah boy Joel Plasco:



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