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Weekly Newsletter

December 5, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Morning service   7:15am


Candle lighting   4:10pm


Evening Service 4:20pm


Young Professionals Shabbat Dinner   6pm




Morning services   9:30am


Presentation by Harvey Herbert:

“Who were the Maccabees:

A History of the Hasmoneans”


Kiddush sponsored by Avraham and Rosalie Weiss celebrating the birthday of their son, our President, Eli Weiss


Post Kiddush presentation by Ashley Blaker:

Maintaining the Torah lifestyle in the workplace”


Shabbat ends   5:10pm


Comedy performance by Ashley Blaker   8pm

Havdalah and Chanukah lighting




Morning services   7:15am


Hebrew School




The story of Chanukah actually involves two miracles. We all understand the miracle of the oil but there was also the miracle of the military victory which defied logic as well. Indeed, in our prayers, the miracle of the oil isn’t even mentioned.


One approach has it that while the miracle of the military victory was preeminent, the miracle of the oil was added to emphasize what the struggle was truly about, namely the concept of purity and impurity (tumah and taharah). Without ritual purity as a foundation of observance there is no distinction between Sabbath and weekday, kosher and unkosher etc. and thus there could be no edifice of the Torah lifestyle.


The miracle of the military victory allowed us to regain sovereignty of the land and the temple and preserved us to fight another day. The miracle of the oil, on the other hand, preserved our integrity as a holy nation, with God’s help. in perpetuity.


Congratulations to Nicole Camet who completed her conversion process this past Sunday and is now a daughter of Israel, Mazal Tov!


Congratulations to Susan Silverstein and Pamela Gross for the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Lea in our sanctuary this weekend!


Welcome to renowned comedian Ashley Blaker to the synagogue for the Chanukah weekend.


There is still time to join us so please register ASAP here


The many scenes of Chanukah at TriBeCa Synagogue:




Children’s Party sponsored by TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School



TriBeCa Synagogue brings Chanukah to the Brookdale residence



Bringing the holiness of Chanukah to Warren 77

Thank you Matt Abramcyk!



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