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Weekly Newsletter

November 29, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting  4:11pm


Evening services   4:20pm

Robert Berger will be saying kaddish for shiva*




Morning services   9:30pm


Kiddush prepared by Victor Dabah for the yahrtzeit of his father Isaac


Evening services   5pm at the residence of Robert and Leah Berger*

73 Warren Street apt 3


Shabbat ends   5:15pm




Morning services 9am at the residence or Robert and Leah Berger*

73 Warren Street apt 3


Monday – Friday


Morning services   7:15am




Children’s party   3:30-5:30pm




Begin saying "Vitayn Tal Umatar" at evening service


Adult Party at Warren 77   6-8pm


*Please help insure these minyanim for shiva




This week’s portion is, once in a while, also read on Chanukah, as opposed to next week’s portion which is almost always read on Chanukah. As such the Talmud derives an important law regarding the menorah from the story of Joseph being thrown into the pit.


Specifically, the maximum height for the menorah being 20 amot (either 30 or 40 feet) is derived from the height of the pit. This is based on the midrash that there were scorpions and snakes in the pit but apparently weren’t noticed by the brothers because they were lower than the 20 amot. So too, a menorah higher than 20 amot will not be noticed by the passersby for whom it is directed.


As Chanukah becomes an ever glitzier experience, we have to be extra careful that we still “notice” the important messages of this exciting holiday and that the extras don’t get “bigger” than its core themes.


Highlights of Chanukah at TriBeCa Synagogue:


TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School Party Monday 3:30-5:30pm

(open to the general community)


Adult Party at Warren 77 Tuesday 6-8pm


Young Professionals Shabbat Dinner Friday 6-8pm

Register here


Comedy Show with Ashley Blaker Saturday 8pm

Register here


Selected laws of Chanukah


First night of Chanukah is Sunday night


Menorah should be lighted soon after sunset


Menorah should be placed at a window facing the outdoor public


Load the candles from left to right but light from right to left


On the first night recite the 3 blessings including the shechianu


The other nights just the two blessings

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