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Weekly Newsletter

November 1, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   5:33pm


Evening Services   5:40pm




Morning services   9:30am


Interfaith Solidarity

Ceremony                Noon


Kiddush sponsored by Eli &

Yael Weiss, Ben & Victoria

Feder, Saul Goodman &

Nathalie Rubens

Desserts sponsored by

Perry Parker &

Nancy Aaronson.


Shabbat Ends  6:40pm


Eastern Standard Time

begins at 2am




Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei   5:45pm


Chanukah Prep   6:30pm


Sofer   6-8pm





Abraham suffers the profound loss of his partner in life Sarah, and according to our tradition he eulogizes her with the magnificent “Woman of Valor”, found at the end of Proverbs.


Nevertheless, he immediately proceeds to the task of finding a mate for his son Isaac. His mission must continue against all challenges!


So too, we find ourselves in the aftermath of a profound tragedy for the American Jewish community which has certainly cast a pall on synagogue life throughout the nation. We must take our cue, however, from our patriarch and resume the work we do here on behalf of our community, albeit with the increased awareness and precautions necessary for the new circumstances.


And in light of those new circumstances we will hold a special ceremony directly after services on Saturday dedicated to the victims of the synagogue in Pittsburgh and also to the brotherhood of faiths. Clergy representing multiple faiths and the spectrum of Judaism will participate in an experience endeavoring to bring hope and healing. Everyone will be invited to kiddush, generously cosponsored by Eli and Yael Weiss, Ben and Victoria Feder and Saul Goodman and Nathalie Rubens. Desserts sponsored by Perry Parker and Nancy Aaronson.


And looking ahead:


Tuesday evening November 6th will be both our new Adult Education series and when we will receive Rabbi Lichter to check Mezuzot and Tefillin.


At 5:45pm, Mishlei will resume and at 6:30pm, the first session of “Chanukah Prep” will be held. The first session will present the history of Chanukah, before, during and after.


FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! The Sofer Rabbi Lichter will be here from 6-8pm and will do work on a first come first serve basis and whatever he can’t get to that evening he will take back and return Tuesday November 20th for the same hours.


Checking a mezuzah will be $10 and tefillin will be $100.


With the changing of the clock we add a 12:40pm Mincha and a 5:30pm Maariv Monday through Thursday.


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We are also working hard to build our profile on social media. Please take the opportunity to get a richer view of the fabric of our synagogue life!


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