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Weekly Newsletter

October 18, 2018
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   5:51pm

Evening services   6pm



Morning services   9:30am

Shabbat ends   6:55pm



Hebrew School




Luxenberg/Lipner Bris  8am





Avram and his father Terach set out from Ur traveling to a destination that they both felt would provide a better spiritual environment. There is some discussion as to whether they planned on continuing all the way to Canaan or was Charan their original destination. Either way they clearly got sidetracked in Charan. Now while Terach ends up living out his life, Avram is directed by God to resume his journey and the rest, as they say, is history.


I like to compare this to how we begin each year in the Jewish Calendar. Don’t we all start a spiritual journey at the high holiday season with a head of steam? The problem is that we get stuck in our own personal Charan, in jeopardy of stalling out. Let’s find our way back on track to the promised land of our spiritual goals!


The TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates Arthur and Randi Luxenberg for the birth of their first grandchild to their daughter Elizabeth Luxenberg and son in law Steven Lipner. The bris will be held in our sanctuary after morning services.


We are still looking for sponsors for Kiddush on Shabbat.


Brand New! The largest Trader Joes in the northeast opens tomorrow on Grand Street on the Lower East Side!


We are also working hard to build our profile on social media. Please take the opportunity to get a richer view of the fabric of our synagogue life!


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