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Weekly Newsletter

October 11, 2018
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   6:02pm

Evening services   6:10pm



Morning services   9:30pm

Shiur   1pm

Shabbat ends 7:05pm



 Hebrew School resumes!





The Tower of Babel has numerous interpretations on all levels of Torah analysis. A recent piece sent to me by my Alma Mater in Jerusalem posits that the issue was the misuse of technology. Rashi gives one opinion that in the aftermath of the flood they were looking for ways to insulate them from the wrath of the Almighty. The theory is that the generation was quite advanced and were on the precipice of creating an impervious environment. The story concludes with the Almighty demonstrating that such a goal is unattainable.


Some might suggest that our age of astonishingly rapid technological development might lead us to similar flawed goals. Indeed, some might expect that with the elimination of so many major illnesses and with the control we already have over our environment we may think subliminally that we have conquered our world. Enter the Torah, and all western religion for that matter, not extant during the Tower of Babel, as a hopefully effective counter balance to this thought pattern.


Congratulations to Rabbi Shmuli Zema for his marriage to Mazal Tov this past Monday night!


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