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Weekly Newsletter

September 27, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Morning services   7:10am


Lunches in the sukkah   Noon to 2pm


Mincha   1:40pm


Candle lighting   6:25pm


Evening services   6:30pm


Sukkah open for individual dinner




Morning services   9:30am


Cholent Bake Off!


Shabbat Ends   7:30pm


Sunday/Hoshana Raba


Morning services   8:30am




The haftarah for Shabbat Chol HaMoed comes from the book of Ezekiel and portrays an end times struggle with the nation of Gog. Indeed, our writings are replete with all kinds of scenarios for the messianic era with this being only one of them.


The connection to Sukkot is that the name Gog is related to the Hebrew word Gag, meaning roof. The message here is that the ultimate struggle will be between we, the Sukkah people, vs. the Roof people, and it will be about this basic difference in life view. Specifically, the Torah view requires one to recognize the vulnerability of one’s existence, represented by the brittle schach, and hence one must rely on God. The opposite view is total self-reliance represented by the “impervious” gag and hence the eschewing of the Divine.


The struggle is described by the prophet as a battle whereby the Israelites will be successful but that the enemy casualties of the battle will be respected and the messianic era would begin in earnest.


TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School Launches!



BBYO Constellation Begins!



Decorating the Sukkah



This year’s Cholent Contestants:


Jeff Dagowitz/Liubasha Rose, Fraya Berg, Steve Goldschein and Dolores Wine


There will be Hoshana Raba services this Sunday at 8:30am!


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