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Weekly Newsletter

September 6, 2018
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   7pm


Evening services    6:45pm




Morning services   9:30pm


Gala Kiddush sponsored by Rezo Kanovich for the yahrtzeit of his mother


Shabbat ends   8:05pm




Services   7pm


Open House Dinner   7:45pm

Generously sponsored by Toby and Avi Turkel in memory of their patriarch Gary


Monday/Rosh HaShana


Morning services   9am


Community Service   10am


Shofar   11:15am


Kiddush sponsored by Abe Dweck and Robert Levine in honor of Arlene Lazinsk and in memory of Gregg Levine


Tashlich behind Stuyvesant   3pm


Evening services   6:30pm




Morning services   9am


Junior Congregation   10am


Kiddush sponsored by Avraham and Rosalie Weiss


Wednesday/Fast of Gedaliah


Fast begins   5:21am


Selichot   7am


Afternoon service   1:30pm


Fast ends   7:40pm


In this 3rd to last portion we introduce the concept of improper thoughts. One might have thought that one is only responsible for actions, but the verses say otherwise: and if a person blesses oneself in their heart and says all will be right with me (no matter how I behave) the Lord will not forgive.

Indeed, Maimonides in his codes states that “just like a person has to repent from evil deeds, one has to repent from evil thoughts”.


This does seem like a tall order, however, how does one control one’s thoughts?!


My approach would be that we’re not talking about random thoughts but those that grow out of holding on to a jaded perspective on life or people. If one is at peace with the world and life, one’s thoughts in general will emanate in a much gentler fashion than one who is angry or spiteful. So at this special time of year, before we get into the process of reforming our actions, let’s take a little time to develop a healthier take on where we find ourselves in this world. Everything else will follow naturally!


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