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July 20, 2016
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   8:03pm

Evening services   6:30pm


Morning services   9:30am

Kiddush provided in honor of Rabbi Glass' 39th Birthday :)

Shabbat ends   9:05pm

Sunday/17th of Tammuz*

Fast begins   4:33pm

Fast ends  9:05pm

*Commemorates the breach of the walls of Jerusalem heralding the eventual destruction of the temple and exile.

This week offers us a fascinating comparison between two individuals who had completely different reactions to a similar phenomenon. Balak "sees" the success of the Israelites in their conflict with the Canaanites and decides to fight back. Earlier on we had Jethro who "heard" everything that happened to the Egyptians and instead was inspired to change his life.

Rabbi Munk says that the key to understanding the difference is in the verbs used to describe their reaction. Seeing would indicate simply observing an event and letting it wash over the person without any introspection. Hearing (Shmiah) indicates an analysis of an event for the purpose of searching for meaning.

Most likely the difference is reflective of who is having the experience; the message being that how we react to events in life is reflective of the kind of person we want to be.

Congratulations again to Shimon and Elyse Zlotnikov who will be celebrating the brit milah of their son tomorrow 9am at the synagogue!

Our members Eve Goldberg and Neil Wallin can be found in the Wall Street Journal here:
Read about the wonderful work they are doing in memory of their son Isaac Goldberg Volkmar!
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