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June 22, 2016
Weekly Newsletter

Candle lighting   8:13pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Kiddush sponsored by Rami and Joy Mishani for the aufruf of their future son in law David Halberstein
Shabbat ends   9:20pm
Adult Education on extended hiatus

This week we are confronted with the unsavory incident of the people demanding meat and their unfortunate end. The scenario begins with the term “mitonenim” or complaining, which means that according to the Torah their claims were not legitimate. As a matter of fact, Rashi goes to great lengths to demonstrate their hollowness by pointing out that it was clear they all had quite a bit of livestock. So, on the one hand, we have to put into perspective the fact that they had just entered a great desert and had a right to be a little uneasy. But on the other hand they were the people who witnessed the great scene at Sinai and were expected to have a little patience.
This kind of discussion always resonates with me when I think of how blessed we are to be living when and where we do. I marvel when I come across people of chronic negativity against the backdrop of a life unimaginable just a couple of generations ago. I want to warn these people that there are no guarantees in life, and just like God provided you with all these wonderful things He can just as easily take them away. Appreciate what you have!!
TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates Rami and Joy Mishani for the upcoming wedding of their daughter Danit to David Halberstein this Saturday night!
TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the engagement of Erika Fraenkel, the daughter of our long time members Audrey and Richard, to Kyle Muse.
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