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April 27, 2016

Weekly Newsletter
Morning services   7:10am
(Put away a matzah and an egg to allow cooking on Friday for Shabbat)
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
Candle lighting   7:33pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Morning services   9am
YIZKOR 10:30am (approx.)
Kiddush sponsored in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Will Godbout
Shabbat ends   8:35pm
(Wait until 9pm to eat chametz to allow for the buy back)
Hebrew School resumes
Tuesday/Adult Education
Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm
Siddur/Jewish Prayer   6:45pm


The 7th day of Passover is a full holiday but presents a real challenge regarding how to celebrate, starting with the fact that the Torah itself doesn’t explain why it’s a holiday. This is because the holiday commemorates the Israelites salvation at the Red Sea but as we know this salvation only came at the expense of the Egyptians. Similar to how we mute our celebration at the seder by removing wine from the cup while reciting the 10 plagues. Still and all it is a holiday, and we even recite Hallel (Praise) in the expectation that we are capable of making the distinction between thanking God for surviving versus crudely rejoicing over someone else’s suffering and loss.

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