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    September 22, 2022

Selichot  7am
Morning service   7:30am
Candle lighting   6:33pm
Evening services   6:30pm
Cake and beverages
Morning services   9:30am
Mincha   1pm
Pirkei Avot
Shabbat ends   7:31pm
Selichot   8am
Followed by morning services
Annulling vows/Pruzbul
Evening services   6:30pm
Dinner by RSVP  7:30pm
Morning services  9am
Shofar   11:15am
Tashlich behind Stuy   2:30pm
Evening services   6pm
Morning services   9am
Shofar   11:15am
Mincha   2pm
Yom Tov ends   7:25pm
Wednesday/Fast of Gedaliah
Fast begins   5:37pm
Selichot   7am
Morning service 7:30am
Mincha   1:30pm
Fast ends   7:13pm


This week the parsha is called Nitzvavim, which means "you are standing". Rashi quotes a midrash that explains the context as the people's faces turning white after hearing of all the bad things that could happen to them if they strayed. Moses reassures them by saying that even with everything that went wrong during the 40 years in the desert they are still "standing" here, so they could enter the land of Israel feeling confident that would survive and thrive.

This could also be a keynote for all of Jewish history looking back at the suffering and oppression that our nation has endured. And in a most recent context we could look back at the last couple of years and marvel how we have endured both individually and communally. So let's all "stand" together as we enter this great high holiday season, confident that 5783 will be a year of blessing and renewal!


We celebrate this Shabbat at the synagogue with members David Bibian and Emily Eisenberg their spring wedding. They are sponsoring Saturday's kiddush.

We continue to pray for a refuah shelayma for Dolores Wine. We will miss her dearly during the high holidays.


Please reserve ASAP for the Sunday night dinner and the high holidays. A full description of the entire Rosh HaShana experience will be forthcoming tomorrow morning!

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Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783