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April 20, 2016
Weekly Newsletter
Morning service   7:30am
Siyum for the First Born   8am
Last time to eat Chametz   10:38am
Chametz to be removed by   11:46am
Candle lighting   7:25pm
Morning services   9am
Perry Parker to deliver the Dvar Torah
Limited Kiddush following services
Desserts provided by Nancy Aaronson in honor of her recently departed Aunt Eadie
Evening services   7pm
Morning services   9am
Limited Kiddush
Yom Tov ends   8:30pm
Hebrew School on hiatus
Tuesday/Adult Education
On hiatus
Morning services   7:10am


The last, last item of the seder is the fun song Chad Gadya, but what really does it symbolize and what is its purpose?
The approach that speaks to me is that it represents the path to ethical monotheism, similar to that of our ancestor Abraham. In his life we are told that he arrived at his conclusion after some trial and error with the sun and the moon, etc. Additionally he was challenged by the reigning monarch, Nimrod, regarding his rejection of fire worship and his response was also step wise by first showing the superiority of water over fire and so on and so forth until it was clear that only God was truly superior.
Its role in the seder, some say, is part of Hallel (praise) that we recite in the second half or even Nirtzeh (accepted) which, come to think of it, really has no procedure associated with it. Either way it should serve as an incentive for us all to really try to “stick it out” until the real end of the seder, if at all possible.
PLEASE reserve immediately for the Second Seder this Saturday night April 24th at 8pm.

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