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August 4, 2022


Portion of the week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am 

Candle lighting  7:48pm

Evening services  6:30pm

Cake and Beverages 



Morning services   9:30am


Tisha B’Av study

(no pirkei avot)

 Fast begins  8:05pm 

 Shabbat ends  8:51pm 

 Evening service   9:30pm

 Eicha   10pm



Morning service   8am

Fast ends   8:51pm




We begin Dvarim (Deuteronomy) this Shabbat, which is called Shabbat Hazon, for the Haftarah read from the beginning of the Book of Isaiah. Dvarim is essentially Moshe's last address to the Jewish nation as he knows that his life will be ending soon. It is a complicated experience maintaining the joy of Shabbat against the sad backdrop of the 9 days, and especially this year when Shabbat actually falls on Tisha B'Av. Even the parsha itself has a verse that begins with Eicha, the title of the Book of Lamentations, that will be read on Saturday night. So let's embrace the challenge of this unique day when we both remember what we’ve lost but appreciate what we have.


Tisha B’Av begins Saturday night and we will hold services at 9:30pm, allowing one to conclude Shabbat and travel to the synagogue. After the service we will hear from Lisa Lipkin* at approximately 9:45pm and Eicha will be chanted at approximately 10pm. Sunday morning we will hold services at 8am including limited but explanatory kinot.


A busy week at morning minyan this week:

The Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Sokolfsky

Baby naming of the daughter of Mathew Haiken


Lisa Lipkin was a professional storyteller for over twenty-five years, writing and performing works internationally. She has worked with many organizations including the Jewish Museum of New York, European Council of Jewish Communities,  and the Board of Jewish Education.  Her articles and stories have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Forward, and the New Yorker, among others.  


Looking ahead to the high holidays we are seeking sponsorship for components of our experience. They include the Cantor, Kiddushes, Security and more. 



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