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April 28, 2022


Hebrew Reading for Beginners   6:30pm

Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning service   7:30am

Candle lighting   7:32pm

Evening services  6:30pm

Cake and Beverages



Morning services   9:30am


Women's Study Group

Shabbat ends  8:36pm



Morning services   7:10am

Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Hebrew Reading   8pm


















This week is the single portion of Acharei Mot which deals in the beginning with the Yom Kippur rituals in the temple. One of the unique features of the ceremony is the scapegoat, wherein a goat, which was chosen by lots, is taken to the wilderness and thrown off a cliff. The name for that wilderness is Azazel (עזאזל).

Our sages explain that the purpose of the lot was to demonstrate God's choosing the goat representing the nation of Israel to join Him in the holy of holies while the other goat represented all that the Torah rejects. Hence, the term Azazel becomes a composite of the word for the audacity of strength (Az) and the word for being led to its eradication (Azel). 

Today has been declared Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Perhaps, along with the memorialization of our 6 million, we can take some solace in this idea that those who embodied the "audacity of strength" have been relegated to the "wilderness" while the Jewish nation lives on. Am Yisrael Chai!

On Saturday we bless the new month of Iyar which will fall on Sunday and Monday. The molad is Friday morning at 5:20am and 1 Chelek.

Kiddush is sponsored this week by Steve and Pauline Edwards.

Women's Study Group reconvenes this Saturday beginning the Book of Ruth.

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