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April 21, 2022


Evening services   6:30pm



Morning services   9:30am


Candle lighting   7:24pm

Evening services   6:30pm



Morning services   9:30am

YIZKOR   11:15AM

Kiddush sponsored by Chava Chalom

Shabbat ends   8:28pm



Hebrew School resumes


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Advanced Hebrew Reading   8pm

















Although the next 2 days are full holidays, the Torah is essentially mum regarding what it commemorates. The sages tell us that we are "celebrating" the splitting of the Red Sea but we know that our salvation came at the tremendous cost of human life. As such, while we rejoice in our salvation, our happiness is tempered by the circumstances. This is similar to the practice we have at the seder of removing wine from the second cup of wine when we recite the 10 plagues. 

This Saturday serves as the intermediary Sabbath of the festival so we read the Book of Song of Songs. Passover is a holiday of love between the Jewish nation and the Almighty so it is only appropriate that we recite the great paean of love written by Solomon. It is also Yizkor day and we will recite one Yizkor at approximately 11:15am.

This Shabbat we are celebrating/commemorating and honoring Chava Chalom's parents with the Yarzeit of Aharona bat Kochava Tziona V’ Mordichai and the birthday of Mayer Chalom ben Eliyahu HaLevi V’ Esther and. accordingly, she is sponsoring Kiddush this Saturday. 
The timing of this yarzeit and Birthday is appropriate as it comes in accordance with the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot when we are refining our own personal characteristics of
Chesed - Loving-kindness
Gevurah — Justice and discipline
Tiferet - Harmony, compassion
Netzach - Endurance
Hod - Humility
Yesod - Bonding
Malchut,- Sovereignty, leadership

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