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February 24, 2022


Evening service  5:30pm

Purim Prep   7pm

Hebrew Reading for Beginners   8pm



Morning services   7:30am

Candle lighting   5:24pm

Evening services   5:30pm



Morning services   9:30am

Kiddush sponsored by Robert and Susan Blakeley

Women's Study Group

Book of Esther 

Chapters 7 and 8

Shabbat ends   6:25pm



Hebrew School resumes


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Advanced Hebrew Reading/Siddur   8pm















This week we read as a single portion, Vaykhel, as this is a leap year. Essentially it is the Israelites carrying out the instructions regarding the tabernacle that they received in the previous portion of Terumah.

This portion is also known as Parshat Shekalim because we have the additional reading of the obligation of everyone to contribute a half shekel to fund the communal sacrifices. This was to be done on the first day of Adar which will be taking place this coming week.

One might ask as to the significance of the "half", as the difference in value between the half and the whole wasn't really that much? Some suggest that the half symbolizes that our contribution should only be considered significant when we join with others to complete a whole. Indeed, few occasions in our calendar emphasize being together as a community like hearing the megillah on Purim.

We bless the new month of Adar 2 this Shabbat and the molad will be next Thursday morning at 3:51am with 17 chalakim. Rosh Chodesh Adar 2 will be observed next Thursday and Friday.

Adult Education tonight will feature Purim Prep at 7am presenting the complete history of Amalek and Beginners Hebrew at 8pm (learn to read Hebrew for Purim!). 


Susan and Robert Blakeley are sponsoring kiddush this Shabbat in celebration of her birthday.



COVID POLICY: For the safety and comfort of the congregation, we request everyone ages 5 and above must be fully vaccinated to enter the building.  All people over the age of 2, while inside the building, must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose, regardless of vaccination status. 


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