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February 17, 2022
Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning service  7:30pm

Candle lighting   5:16pm

Evening services   5:20pm

Cake and Beverages



Morning services   9:30am


Women's Study Group

Book of Esther

Shabbat ends   6:17pm


Monday/Legal Holiday

Office closed 

Morning service   7:20am

No Mincha or Maariv

Hebrew School on hiatus


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Advanced Hebrew Reading  8pm













In Ki Tisa we introduce another vessel of the mishkan called the Kior, or Laver. It had 2 spigots under which the kohanim would place their two pairs of hands and feet underneath and the water would pour over them. If we remember the Yom Kippur procedures we note that the high priest used the laver a total of 10 times. The commentators conclude that clearly there was more to the washing of hands than cleanliness. What the washing of the hands accomplished was actually a sanctification; necessary, because hands can be involved in a whole range of activities.

We have a vestige of this concept in our everyday lives with the requirement to wash our hands ritualistically before we eat bread. Maimonides says our table represents the altar and our food, our sacrifices. As such, while washing includes the goal of cleanliness, we are sanctifying our hands as we emulate the kohanim of that time. 

Beginners Hebrew Reading Thursday February 24th 8pm!


COVID POLICY: For the safety and comfort of the congregation, we request everyone ages 5 and above must be fully vaccinated to enter the building.  All people over the age of 2, while inside the building, must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose, regardless of vaccination status. 


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