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January 20, 2022


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Hebrew School


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Joshua   7pm

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Between the end of last week's portion and the beginning of this week's portion, Yitro, we have diametrically opposed reactions to the miraculous events of the Red Sea, et al. Last week we read about the unprovoked attack by Amalek and this week we begin with Jethro, who was so impressed that he swore off idolatry and converted to Judaism. And with this, we have the model of history for the next 3,500 years.

On the one hand, we have people who react viscerally to our amazing history and in knee jerk fashion hate what they see. As it says "in every generation there are those who rise up against us". But unfortunately, what gets almost no press are the multitudes, like Jethro, who admire the nation of Israel, the philosemites, if you will. 

So, while we have to always be vigilant regarding the winds of anti-Semitism that waft from time to time in every society, we should also be on the lookout for, and supportive of, those who buck that trend and show their appreciation for our people. 

Tremendous thanks to Chava Chalom for her amazing Tu B'Shvat presentation!




Congratulations to Joel Diamond for his award winning score to the short film Delirantissimo


Here is his interview with the Moscow Conservatory


Congratulations to our trustee Hugh Lippman and Eileen Hecht for the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Kara

AND we were featured on twitter last night

Introducing a Women's Study Group of the Book of Esther starting this Saturday after Kiddush!


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