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January 13, 2022


Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Candle lighting      4:34pm


Evening services   4:40pm

Cake and beverages



Morning services   9:30am


Shabbat ends   5:38pm


Monday/Legal Holiday

Office OPEN

All services held except evening service

Hebrew School on hiatus


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Hebrew Reading   8pm









This Shabbat is called Shabbat Shira after the Song of the Sea the Israelites sang in the aftermath of the splitting of the Red Sea. The question is asked that in this week's parsha, Beshalach, many other things happened, like the manna and the successful battle against Amalek, so why only focus on the song?

The Book of Jewish Heritage, by Rabbi Eliahu Ki Tov, responds by saying the song was unique among all these events because it was the Israelites taking the helm of history while God and His hosts were spectators. He goes further and describes how this was our promulgating Torah even before the actual Torah was presented to us a few weeks later. Let's be inspired this weekend to be our own version of proactive when it comes to moving our spiritual lives forward!

Sunday night/Monday is the occasion of Tu B'Shvat, the 15th of the month of Shvat, which is termed the new year for trees by the mishna in Rosh Hashanah. This date has botanical significance in that in Israel, the trees awake from their winter's dormancy, but also halachic significance regarding how we age fruit bearing trees. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the gift of the land of Israel, especially important for us diaspora dwellers who don't enjoy its benefits on a regular basis.

 And thank you to Chava Chalom who will be preparing Tu B'Shvat displays and a presentation for Shabbat morning to enrich the celebration.


COVID POLICY: For the safety and comfort of the congregation, we request everyone ages 5 and above must be fully vaccinated to enter the building.  All people over the age of 2, while inside the building, must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose, regardless of vaccination status. 


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