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November 11, 2021


Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am 

Candle lighting   4:22pm

Evening services   4:30pm

Cake and beverages



Morning services   9:30am

Kiddush sponsored by the Duek family

Shabbat ends   5:23pm



Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education

Joshua   7pm

Hebrew Reading/Siddur   8pm

In Vayetze, upon giving birth to her 4th child, Leah declared "now I will give thanks to God". The commentators say this was because she knew prophetically that she will have the most children of all the wives of Jacob. And she was praised for this because this was the first time "thanks" or hodah was expressed in the Torah. 

So much of our ritual focuses on gratitude, whether it was the sacrifice we called Todah or the psalm Mizmor L'Todah that we recite and stand for everyday. But the most significant item of this expression comes in the Amidah under the section called Modim. And while most people know that it is appropriate to freelance prayer in the Shma Koleinu (hear our voices), few know that one can, and should, freelance during Modim. 

Indeed, someone pointed out that much of our focus in prayer is on what we don't have but one should focus at least as much on what we do have.

Congratulations to Marcelo and Meital Duek for the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Emma this weekend. They will be sponsoring the kiddush on Shabbat.

We are pleased to join with JCP for a Chanukah candle lighting on our plaza on Thursday December 2, at 6pm. If you would like to join us please register at 

We honor all who served in the armed forces on this Veteran's Day.


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