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October 7, 2021


 Portion of the Week   7pm



 Morning services   7:30am

 Candle lighting   6:09pm

 Evening services   6:20pm

Note new time!

Outdoors, cake and beverages.



 Morning services   9:30am

Indoors. Kiddush with Downtown Minyan

 Shabbat ends   7:05pm


Monday/Columbus Day

Office open, all services held



 Joshua   7pm



In the portion of Noah we often hear about comparing Noah to Abraham. The Zohar presents a different comparison, namely Noah to Moses. Specifically it notes the opposite trajectory of their respective lives: Noah starts as Ish Tzadik, a righteous person, and ends his life as Ish Adamah, a person of the earth and the ignominy of his drunken nakedness. Moses, on the other hand, begins as Ish Mitzri, and Egyptian man, and progresses to become Ish Elokim, a man of God. How to explain how this transpired?

 The conclusion of the Zohar relates to how they handled the imperfection of their respective generations. Noah was essentially indifferent when he was informed of the potential fate of the world while Moses insisted on “going down with the ship”, in a manner of speaking. This reflected the radical difference in empathy for their fellow human being. And it was this empathy, or lack thereof, which determined whether their righteousness would stand the test of time or not.

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